Behaviour and etiquette

Korean people should behave with manners.

For example, when we meet elders, we should greet them politely. We bow and say ‘an nyeoung  haseyo’, which means ‘hello’. Foreigners do not all understand. Korean people greeting elders with a bow.

Another way is to give help to our needy neighbours.To do this, we should be interested in the needs of poor people.

We can also help by subscribing to a service organization such as UNICEF and World Vision.

When people around us are happy, we can be happy together to.

Finally, we should respect others. Respectful people respect the other person’s opinions and thoughts, because they feel valuable to them.

Society improves its worth when people are truly beautiful and kind to each other.

To create a good society, we should practice not existing as individuals but rather to be considerate to others.

With a little practice, our society will be beautiful.

What makes a good teacher?

This is what we think make a good teacher. A teacher should be kind, funny, have knowledge, be flexible, listen to and care about students. Because of this we can be made to feel happy and comfortable. Teachers should not have favourites, or force their opinions on students; they shouldn’t abuse students verbally or physically. This could make us uncomfortable and cause us stress. The teachers character should promote equality for every student.

We all agree that most of our teachers are fantastic but a few are sometimes unfair. We enjoy our time in school, we love our Korean language, art and culture. We enjoy the local area such as the markets. We just wish we had a little more free time to enjoy ourselves.

School life

We are exhausted by our lives as high school students in the Korean education system.  We think that we have too many classes to attend and too much work to hand in. We think the main reason that we have too many things to do is because of the Korean education system. Many of our universities demand that students have great grades in their tests at school. Also in the entrance tests, if a student  wants to go to a famous university in Korea, we have to do really well. We are so frustrated by having to study so hard,  for up to 10 hours a day!  We imagine universities which are famous want creative students. Because we are so tired it`s difficult to be creative. Although we have a harsh schedule, we will have good time in school if teachers permit students to spend time independently after school. Our school studies are compulsory so  we don’t have enthusiasm. However, if we can spend time by ourselves, we will be able to enjoy school rather than sitting on our chairs like zombies!

Hello World!

Welcome to Chungwon High School’s brand new blog and Newsletter at Edublogs. It’s that time of year again as everyone returns from the summer vacation. What should we be looking forward to?  We will be looking forward to catching up with our friends and finding out what they have done over the summer vacation. We are looking forward to new subjects to study and new activities to take part in. For example Golf practice and soccer practice. There are many events this semester:

  • The sports day
  • Chuseok Holiday in September
  • The School Festival in October
  • National University Exams in November
  • Winter Vacation

We are not looking forward to long study days and time spent in the dormitory. We would prefer to be home with our family rather than studying late in the dormitory. Also middle term exams can be very stressful.